Tragic Events

My life was pretty easy in some ways growing up. I didn't have the expectations as some do, I had responsibilities. My responsibilities were easy for me but may come a little harder for others. It wasn't until the day my mother and I had an accident, that I realized that there was more in life that I needed to value, my mother.

My mom is a strong woman. Growing up for her was just that, having to grow up fast and at an early age. She went through a crucial accident when she was four, that left her grandmother dead and her close to death.

My grandmother, mom and a few others were driving one late evening when they were struck on the right side of their vehicle by a drunk driver. My great-grandmother flew out the window, severing her knee caps and landing her fifty feet in front of the car, on the pavement. My mother was not wearing her seat belt and went out the window behind her, landing her beside her grandmother. My grandmother was shoved under the steering wheel of the car and my aunt and her friend got knocked into the rear doors.

My great-grandmother had extensive injuries that later had killed her, in such a short amount of time. My grandmother had injuries that she had to have several surgeries to repair and my mother was flown to shock trauma. My mother was pronounced dead on the scene of the accident but they still took her to try and revive her. She was taken to the emergency room where they shaved her head and performed extensive brain surgery to try and repair the damage that was caused. Hours later, she was taken to recovery, where she was to stay in an oxygen bubble to recover. She had injuries that caused her to lose the sight in her right eye and to have a plate placed in her skull to hold her brain together. The brain surgeon had explained to my grandmother and aunt, that when they tried to move her, her brain sounded like a rattle, considering the extent that her brain was in.

The neurologist that had spoke with my grandmother and aunt, had told them that my mother would have to learn to walk again, talk again and that her brain may never go over the age of 16, due to the injuries sustained. They had offered my aunt the options of placing a glass eye to replace the blind one, but she refused. She had wanted my mother to live a normal life as much as possible.

I am one that believes in miracles and God. My mother, to this day, is walking, talking, has wonderful life experiences and is more intelligent than most people her age. She goes back to the doctors once every five years to get her eye and brain checked out. Each time she goes there, they are just amazed at how her eye is not connected to anything, that it should have came out a long time ago, but yet it moved, cries, has feeling and still has the color.

Strong is not the word for my mother. My mother is the most wonderful woman I have ever met in my life. Walking miracle is a more appropriate word for her.