Shocking News Events July 11

Will shocking news events occur on July 11, 2010? The world may not know until the day is done. But throughout history, shocking news events did occur on July 11, including an 82 ton object falling from the sky and a pistol-happy U.S. vice president murdering the Treasury Secretary.

Bickering between Vice President Aaron Burr and Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton marked the administration of President Thomas Jefferson. The animosity reached fever pitch when Hamilton successfully blocked Burr's bid for renomination for the vice presidency, resulting in a shocking pistol duel July 11, 1804 which proved fatal to Hamilton.

A shocked world held its collective breath July 11, 1979 when a freefalling 82 ton spacelab crashed to Earth. Luckily, Skylab landed in the Indian Ocean and unpopulated regions of Australia.

July 11 is associated with a shocking collection of mass casualties, including 3 fatal jet crashes: on July 11, 1973, 123 people were killed in a plane crash outside Paris; a plane crash in Ecuador killed 119 on July 11, 1983; and on July 11, 1991, 261 Hajj pilgrims were killed in a plane crash in Saudi Arabia.

Other mass casualties associated with July 11 include the initiation of a shocking genocide campaign known as the Srebrenica Massacre in 1995 that lasted 11 days and resulted in the murder of at least 8,373 Bosnian Muslims, including men, women and children; a liquid gas tanker explosion at a Tarragona campground July 11, 1978 that killed 216 tourists; and serial train bombings by terrorists in Mumbai, India July 11, 2006 that resulted in 209 deaths and more than 700 injuries.

In a shocking medical development, H. Harlan Stone, MD announced July 11, 1985 that he was installing zippers in patients with surgical incisions instead of using stitches.

New York City police arrested dart-shooting messenger Jerome Wright, aka Dartman, July 11, 1990. Wright allegedly fashioned makeshift darts by attaching paper wings to pins and needles, then fired them at the buttocks of 90 women in Penn Station and Times Square.

Advice for July 11? Keep an eye on the sky- women, guard your buttocks- and avoid

air travel at all costs.