Current Events

The weather is something we know so very little about. As people who just wait for the weather channel to dictate a forecast we accept any information thats readily available. Global warming has been occurring since the invention of chlorofluorocarbons, the air conditioner, and the refrigerator. And the invention of the gasoline engine has placed this countries and countries abroad on an industrial revolution that engages in a war against human well being and mother nature. We for lack of a better word have become grandeur and arrogant people who taunted the very face of the universe and dared to claim scientific discoveries as man made inventions. Tornadoes will not become a thing of the past as long as there is the tear in ozone layer that invites the vacuum like suctioning cold pressure fronts from NOW , space and the north to pull upon the southern warmer, low pressures. What this is my friends is a climatic civil war between the North, South, East and Western pressures of the atmosphere. If these little variables as scientist may deem them, do not heal then the depletion of oxygen will also begin and we will definitely begin to pay a mandatory "Air Tax" in the name of Global Security. What a concept for the world to become united because they share a common need to survive. FRESH AIR!!! According to the Presidential economical Annual Report of last year not to much monies were invested in cleaning up this mess. Instead, CNN and NBC continues to report strictly in the wars over oil, nuclear weapons and the Iraq Iran Ironies.

To which do we owe a debt of gratitude? Will it be the native American Indians who hold mother earth as a sacred homage that provides for her children? Will it be the Natives from the Amazon forests who never suffered from poverty, nor diseases? Where is weather important while it pours upon the low land and the mountain gorillas of Africa? And who cares about food when there is such a bounty that the earth already provides? The populations of the earth will increase exponentially because there are no forests nor mysteries left to keep human beings separated in small biomes located in dense forests. Will we dare to launch an expedition like that of Star Trek to search for new lands when it finally becomes too late?

Well what did I hear lately about the weather? Mainly, only that which meteorologists and satellites can possibly detect and explain. Other than that I'll continue to read the skies, watch the sediments, and continue to smell the changes of scents in the air that the winds bring to see whether the good earth has abandoned her blossoms in most southern parts of Africa or the wait to see what the bees will do when the birds have all gone.