Ongoing Events at Amicus Books in Marysville, California

is conveniently located in Downtown Marysville. It holds specialty events as well as ongoing events for avid writers, readers and those who wish to share their passion for the arts and books with others. Read on to find out more about Amicus Books.

Literary Lounge Seminars

This is an event open to local residents from Yuba, Sutter and 8 other surroundings counties in northern California to come together and meet other writers who wish to promote their work more successfully and to network with other writers. Members not only get to network with published authors and others who have some experience in the publishing industry, they will also receive free Literary Lounge Seminars to help them along in their writing goals. A web page will be set up that will feature some of the work of local aspiring authors in the region. A seminar will be held on 29 March on how to conduct a book signing from 6:30-7:30pm. First time non-members can attend this event free of charge.

Moments in Marysville History

Are you more interested in the local history of Marysville? There is more than meets the eye to this culturally rich, historical town that dates back to the Gold Rush Days of the mid 1800s. Learn more about what really put Marysville on the map and why this town was once considered the “third largest city” in California” in the early days. This event will be held every Saturday at 11:00am towards the back of the Amicus Books shop in the Literary Lounge. So if you are more interested in local history than in promoting your writing, then this event will appeal to you.

Amicus Book Club

The Amicus Book Club is an ongoing event that meets every second and last Thursday of the month at 6:30pm. The club discusses a chosen text as a group, providing a wonderful literary outlet to members.

This is just a sample of the many literary and cultural events that take place at Amicus Books in Downtown Marysville. To learn more about Amicus Books Literary Arts Centre, stop by 413 D Street in Downtown Marysville or visit the company website at where you can find answers to your questions on the FAQ page, learn of upcoming events from the calendar of events or take a visual tour through Amicus Books. This information is courtesy of Kara Davis and her team of dedicated colleagues.