Jena Six Events Mirror Those in the Book of Genesis

Here's the story of six black youth that found out the hard way that they are expected to be second class citizens, and accept it. In Jena, Louisiana, a high school decide that it would be a good idea to plant a tree and call it the tree of "knowledge", well already they should have known that something good and evil was going to come from this. In the Bible there is a story about creation, in a place known as the Garden of Eden. In this garden the Creator decided to place everything in it, animals, plants, bodies of water, and two trees in particular. These trees are known as the "Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil". There were specific instructions given to the people that lived in this garden that stated they were not to eat from one of the two trees, but the other they could eat from as much as their hearts desired. The tree that they were not to eat from was the one that opened their eyes to evil.

In Jena there was a fight that occurred when some Caucasian students decided that this tree of knowledge, that was planted on school property was no longer a tree for the world to appreciate, but that it was a tree that was now to be owned by just them and theirs. All of a sudden a young African-American decided that he would get some shelter away from the sun and relax in the shade of this tree. Well, this act must have been preposterous, because those Caucasian students came a running to protect their tree. They gave the young man a beating and let him know that he better not ever come around their tree again. This act was totally unacceptable to the fellow African-American students that were witnessing this atrocity take place right in front of their eyes as if it was suppose to happen.

The problem is this, Caucasian Americans have done America a huge injustice with the devilish ways of their history in regards to the way they treat other human beings. If a person has no recollection or concern to the Creator of mankind, then how can they respect the creation. Going back to the book of Genesis, every since man found out that there were options, obedience and disobedience, we have been separated from the Creator, because we want to do what we want to do without any regards or concern about the consequences. Believe it or not hate began the second man decided he rather ejaculate than meditate or elevate, because of this society is doomed, it is guaranteed that we are headed for destruction, unless we learn how to free ourselves from the bondage that has been placed on our minds.

The purpose of trees is so that we can live, its part of photosynthesis, but what we have to see is the metaphor, why would there be two trees to choose from, why is one tree evidently more seductive, and tempting? Why would a racial fight break out over a tree in Jena, Louisiana? Why is it that no one still seems interested in eating from the Tree of Life? The answer to these questions may be haunting to some, but for others its no big deal. The reason why is because the Creator of the Tree has an enemy, and the Creator which is God, enemy is the Devil.

Think about it, who else can put the idea in someone's mind that, "It's okay, go and beat that black boy from up under your tree, or It's okay go ahead eat from the Tree, God is not gone really kill you."