Iowa City News and Events

People often ask me, "How can I get more people to my local business?" The answer is often simple, and I've been working hard on a new solution for Iowa City.

For years my company, Chrono, LC, and I operated Muscazine, and online e-zine featuring news and opinion articles from the Muscatine County area. Now, we've expanded to the Iowa City area, to feature Iowa City News, upcoming events, reviews of local nightlife hot spots, restaurant guides, and more to attract local readers.

We even have our own proprietary software backing up our entire system. We've developed a unique new engine, offering comments, subscriptions, email updates, picture galleries, search, SEO, and beyond. All of this has been developed by our own team, too, to give our users the sense that they are interacting with something unique.

We are even working on partnering with local businesses to offer unique prizes unavailable elsewhere. Our contest will encourage readers to interact with our news, with scavenger hunts, trivia, and more. We even have an extremely fun promotion that involves sending readers out into Iowa city with a map and instructions on how to find clues!

Advertising exposure is a benefit we offer to business owners. All business owners would like to see more customers, and we offer some of the lowest advertising rates available. By sponsoring a vertical banner or box advertisement businesses can connect with local readers unlike anywhere else.

The Owl, the name of our new website, strives to bring our readers with the information they might not find elsewhere, hopefully fulfilling every niche reading need possible, by covering many of the events and activities that might be 'too small' for other organizations. The Owl, you see, is not paper, and we don't have to stick to the same strict word limits imposed by newspaper editors. So I encourage you to visit us, subscribe, and enjoy all our Iowa City news website has to offer!