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Michigan's Proposed Sporting EventsTicket Tax Must Be Stopped

As you may have heard, the state of Michigan is suffering through a landmark financial crisis, ranking 49nd in the nation in unemployment in a recent survey. The state government is in serious debt, and Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm is planning to do something about it.

Her target? Sports (as well as concert and movie) fans in Michigan. She's banking on the notion that Michiganders are too closely attached to their teams at this point to give up going to the games, even if they have to pay more out of their already shallow pockets to continue to go.

And with the Tigers in the midst of a pennant race as both young and old fans discover (and re-discover) a sport that used to be so dear to the hearts of Detroiters, the tax seems even more difficult to bear.

The tax would add up to around $24 million per year on sports tickets for Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, Lions, Michigan International Speedway, minor league baseball, and hockey events. Tigers season ticket taxes for a family of four would range from $230 to more than $1,200 per year extra and for a similar family Red Wings season tickets would cost between $597 to more than $1,900 per year extra. It is expected to be about 6% overall for each ticket to a game.

You can't fault Granholm for her creativity, but the bottom line is that she is picking the wrong segment of society to mess with this time. The same loyalty and passion that she seems to be banking on to make the tax work if passed are the same traits that are going to make it exceedingly difficult for the tax to pass in the first place.

Sportstalk radio was abuzz with people voicing their almost overwhelmingly negative opinions of the tax right after it was announced, and many hosts including WDFN Sportsradio 1130's popular morning host, Sean Baligian, are leading campaigns to let state representatives know that the tax is a bad idea and should not be passed.

I happen to agree with the protestors, as the tax is a difficult for families that are already cash-strapped in many cases by the economy as the auto companies that are the backbone of the state's economy continue to slash jobs with not enough viable replacement opportunities in sight in the immediate future.

Sporting events are one of the few places where families can get away from it all and bond over a common interest, and ticket prices have already been going up in the past decade and also more recently. Red Wing ticket prices saw increases in the playoffs that made it difficult to sell out the historically packed Joe Louis Arena, Michigan season ticket holders have had to pay extra fees, and Tigers ticket prices have also gone up as a result of the team's resurgence as a contender.

The tax also appears to be short-sighted, because while every major pro team in the state is successful right now except the Lions, it's difficult to predict when these teams might fall off. If they do happen to hit hard times, the tax will make the tickets an even tougher sell in many cases and people will end up staying home in larger numbers. Just because tickets are hot items right now doesn't mean they will be in the future.

Some people argue that the tax is a necessary evil and is a better idea than continuing to cut in other areas, but there has to be something better Granholm can find to tax because the last thing the state needs is for less people to attend sporting events, which are one of the few positives in the downtrodden Michigan economy.

Tigers games in downtown Detroit are helping to revitalize parts of the inner city as sports bars and restaurants are packed on a continuoual basis, and if people have less disposable income because of this tax, they will be less inclined to spend money on things like a meal or beers before a game, not to mention team merchandise in the local and in-stadium shops, and even more money will leave the already poor city of Detroit.

Any way you slice it, this idea seems completely misguided and it's becoming increasingly obvious that sports fans won't stand for it. Fans wishing to voice their displeasure with the tax can go to for links on how to contact their state representatives.

And if you're a fan of sports in general from out-of-state who disagrees with this tax, Michigan fans could use your support as well. If the tax is somehow successful in Michigan, it just might set a dangerous precedent and lead to taxes in neighboring states as well in a time when sports ticket prices are already on the rise to begin with.


Free Summer Events in Richmond, Virginia

Looking for free entertainment this summer? Richmond, Virginia is the place to go. Although the city isn't the first place that comes to mind when thinking of spending the day outdoors, Richmond is a Mecca for fun in the sun.

One of the most popular places for a free family outing in Richmond is Maymont Park. There is a plethora of exhibits spread out across the 100 acre grounds, so be prepared for a lot of walking! The Hampton Street entrance provides quick access to the Italian garden, as well as the Japanese garden, which is complete with a koi fish pond, gazebos, and waterfall. This entrance is also a straight shot to the Maymont Mansion. If you prefer to visit the wildlife exhibits first, choose the Spottswood Road entrance. Wildlife exhibits include a children's farm and barn where youngsters can pet and feed goats while visiting the other farm animals. Past the barn are the fox, black bear, and birds of prey exhibits. Need a break? Head to the indoor nature center, with an aquarium and café, located by the Shields Lake Drive entrance. Admission and parking are always free, though there is sometimes a suggested donation for certain exhibits. Hours vary by season, but you can easily plan your trip to Maymont Park by visiting their website at for more information.

Another Richmond hot spot during the summer is Belle Isle. The historically rich area is located downtown on the riverfront, off of 5th Street. It's the perfect place to be active, with running paths and bike trails that lead visitors to breathtaking views of the James River and Richmond City. Belle Isle is also a great place to go kayaking, swimming, or to sunbathe on the rocks. Just be observant of any restrictions due to the river water level posted at the bridge entrance. The park closes at dark and has a free parking lot, as well as plenty street parking.

Looking for a different kind of night out on the town? Visit the Canal Walk, located in Richmond's River District. Canal Walk is within walking distance to the popular restaurants and clubs of Shockoe Bottom. Visits are free, but for $5 you can take a narrated tour one of their covered boats. Operating hours of tours vary but are typically from 12 noon to 7pm on Fridays and Saturdays and 12 noon to 5pm on Sunday. Visit for additional canal cruise information and more things to do in the area.

Another alternative to your run- of – the- mill weekend outing is First Fridays Art Walk. It takes place on the first Friday of each month on Broad Street in downtown Richmond. Enjoy special exhibits and shows at local art galleries and cheer on street performers and musicians. There is a wide assortment of live music and vendors each month so come out and see what's new!

A Richmond summer favorite is the Friday Cheers free summer concert series. This event takes place on Brown's Island, every Friday from 6pm to 9:30pm. The series started May 8 and will continue to June 26. With lots of food, beer, and music, you can't afford to miss it. Be sure to arrive early so you can find free parking. If you come later, parking is $5. You can find this year's line- up at under 2020 Friday Cheers.

You don't have to spend a lot (if any!) money to go out and have a great time. For more upcoming Richmond events, check out


Best Vinyl Banner for a Sports Event

If the local high school is going to showcase one of their home teams at an upcoming game and you are in charge of getting the word out to the general public to come and buy tickets one of the best ways to do this type of advertising is using the best vinyl banner the school can afford.

A good selling point of the best vinyl banner the school can afford is that vinyl banners will last for several years and can easily be reused many times over the course of a year. If the vinyl banners combine the names of the various men’s sports team on the banners then they can be used at all of the men’s sports games over the course of the school year. Also you can order the best vinyl banner for the girl’s team events also so they too can be reused over several years without expending more money each year for new banners.

Formats for the Best Vinyl Banner

If you are designing the best vinyl banner for a

The Six Best Sporting Events

I grew up playing sports and watching sports on TV and live. Sports have always been an important part of my life and they always will be. There are many awesome sporting events taking place every day. Racing of all sorts, cars, horses, motorcycles and bikes are all worthy of recognition. Stick and ball sports are tops for me, as you will see by this list.

Super Bowl -Football

This is easily my favorite sport event of the year, regardless of which teams are playing. Of course its better when my team is in it–and since they have 6 Super Bowl wins, they are in it more than most (Go Steelers!). Super Bowl Sunday!! And as opposed as I am to ever watching commercials, the Super Bowl commercials are generally worth watching.

Stanley Cup Finals -Hockey

I love ice hockey. The toughness, the hits, the stylish goals and speed of the game make it one of the best sports to watch, especially live. The Stanley Cup winner truly is the best hockey team of the year. If you have never been to a live NHL game, give it a try. Hockey is addicting and its an easy way to get your aggressive feelings out without ever having to do anything other than watch a tough NHL game.

World Series -Baseball

Baseball can be a little boring sometimes, but the excitement created by the World Series is enough to wake you up. A 7 game series between the best National League team and the top American League team…who gets to pop the champagne this year?

World Cup -Soccer

This sport may not be anywhere near as big in America as it is around the world, but even American's get caught up in World Cup when our team is competing. Soccer will never be our top sport, but the World Cup is a great sporting event! The women's team once again led us all onto their bandwagon s they made the World Cup Finals. Though this time they lost to Japan , it was still an exciting and emotional game.

Daytona 500 -NASCAR Sprint Cup

Many folks make fun of NASCAR, but my guess is that they have never been to an actual NASCAR Sprint Cup race. The Daytona 500 is how NASCAR kicks off its season, and they call it the Super Bowl of NASCAR. Winning the Daytona 500 puts you in a special class of driver's, and every NASCAR driver dreams of winning this race.

Iditarod -Dog Sled Race

It's known as the "last great race on Earth". It is an 1150 mile race in Alaska that takes competitors 9-12 days to complete. As hard as it is on the musher's, it's certainly more difficult on the sled dogs doing most of the work. This sport is not for the faint of heart.

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