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What Do Panda Bears Eat

A panda bear is one of the most popular bears in the world. You can easily recognize them due to their black eye patches and black ears. Their tails, shoulders, and legs are black but the rest of their body is white. These large mammals are native to central China.

The same way as other bears, pandas have short tails that measure between four and six inches long. While the majority of them weigh an average of 220 to 254 pounds, they are moderately large creatures. In fact, male pandas can weigh up to 350 pounds.


Pandas and Their Food

Panda bears mostly eat the young bamboo’s shoots and leaves. They can eat about 20 to 30 lbs of bamboo in a single day. They are generally omnivorous, but they also eat wood mushrooms, insects, small rodents, the bark of trees, flowers, roots, fruits, fish, eggs, and honey, if necessary.

To replenish their protein stores, they also welcome small birds to their diet. They usually climb high into mountainous areas to avoid high temperatures.

Since bamboo is very low in nutritional value, these large mammals eat a lot of bamboos to prevent starvation. They spend their time eating up to 14 hours. After that, the rest to prepare for the next feeding. They eat 25 different bamboo species more info: Instead of stems, they prefer eating the leaves. Only 20 percent of the bamboo are absorbed by the body, so they choose the most nutritious and juicy parts.

They drink water once a day. That is why they choose to live in forests with a nearby source of water. In case the water source is distant, they have to burn high amount of energy just to get there. If not, they will suffer from dehydration because they require more water than they need to drink.

Bad Diet

Did you know that their digestive system is designed for carnivores? Meaning, they cannot digest bamboo properly. Although their main diet is bamboo, it still does not give them very much protein or energy. They only digest the bamboo due to special bacteria found in their stomach and intestine.

The bad news is that panda bears do not have these beneficial bacteria in their digestive system when born. This requires them to require bacteria while growing. The feces of their mother contains all the essential microbes to start this process. It’s a gross thing to eat poop, but it will help them to survive their youth life.


Panda bears should live in habitats with a lot of bamboo and nearby source of water. Aside from high volumes of bamboo, having more than one species of bamboo in their habitat will help them to survive.

Most pandas prefer living in valleys or mountainous regions. If necessary, they move to different habitats to find bamboo shoots. That is because leaves tend to be more nutritious and commonly grow at varying altitudes in varying seasons.

Final Thoughts

Many people adore pandas for their semblance to huggable teddy bears. They are recognizable because of their spotted black and white color. Plus, you might think of bamboo every time you see a panda bear.

What is a VPN?

Planning to use a VPN but then don’t know how to get started? If yes, you’re in the right place. This guide gives you information everything about a VPN. Without further ado, let’s start!

VPN – Definition

Also called as Virtual Private Network, a VPN is a kind of service that allows you to access the web with anonymity, safety, and privacy. It typically routes your connection thru a server while hiding your internet activity from hackers, government spying agencies, and trackers.

A VPN generates an encrypted and secure connection between your device and a server.

When you connect to a VPN proxy server, your network traffic passes thru a protected tunnel, which no one can track and access.

How Does a VPN Work?

Let’s say you have installed your chosen VPN software, selected the best security settings, and set up a connection with a server. What happens next? Read on for more details!

  • The software on your home computer or smartphone encrypts your data before your ISP, and public Wi-Fi sees it.
  • The data goes to your VPN server and your online destination. It could be a popular streaming platform, bank, or shopping website.
  • Whether it’s Netflix or Facebook, your online destination sees your data from the location of your VPN.

That’s it! There’s nothing complicated to expect and follow.

VPN – Level of Security

Over the past decades, VPN security has led to debates among IT professionals. Generally, VPN is a great tool that ensures the user’s safety and privacy. In fact, VPNs invest in quality protocols, including PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, IKEV2, and SSTP.

As one of the oldest protocols, PPTP was originally designed by Microsoft. Ideal for old computers, PPTP is a flexible security protocol for VPN. It is also convenient to set up.

IPSec and L2TP is a combination of Cisco’s L2F protocol and PPTP. Compared to other protocols, IPSec and L2TP use keys to guarantee a secure connection throughout your data panel.

Another Microsoft-built protocol is SSTP, also called a Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol. It is developed on symmetric-key cryptography while the connection is established with both TLS and SSL encryption.

IKEv2 is another protocol from Microsoft. Although it is not as strong as SSTP, IKEv2 is also secure, reaching your unique needs.

OpenVPN, on the contrary, is based on TLS and SSL. As the name implies, OpenVPN undergoes a constant update from hundreds of developers. Just like IPSec and LT2P, OpenVPN secures connection thru keys, making it the most versatile protocol to take advantage of.

Is VPN Legal?

VPNs are predominantly legal in many countries, including the UK, the US, Canada, and other parts of Europe.

But VPNs are banned in Turkmenistan, China, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Belarus, and Oman.

Before you pay a premium plan of your preferred VPN, do some research on its legality in your country. Study existing laws and regulations to avoid problems in the future.

Which is Better Between a Paid and Free VPN?

A free VPN has been a trend these days. While there’s no fee to settle, it might have good and useful features. But let’s be honest. They are limited.

A paid VPN, on the contrary, gives you full access to unlimited bandwidth, simultaneous connections, live chat support, quick response time, no-log policy, and more.

Although VPNs might break your bank at some point, their quality and functionality make the price worth it.

For an entry-level option, a free VPN is ideal. As days pass by, upgrade to a premium package.

How Much Does It Cost?

Generally, the price of VPNs is usually available at $4.99 per month. But it depends. You can also find packages that are competitively priced. But it takes a lot of time and effort to look for them online. Ask a colleague or your friend for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VPN a perfect tool for torrenting?

Of course! But choose the right VPN. Torrent-friendly solutions are Surfshark, NordVPN, VyprVPN, ExpressVPN, and more.

Can you use a VPN to use streaming platforms?

Definitely! In fact, you can watch all your favorite movies on Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming websites.

Does it work on IOS and Android?

Yes. VPNs support Android and IOS-powered devices. They might also be compatible with Windows, Linux, and other operating systems.

DreamHost Review

DreamHost offers awesome features that can meet personal and business needs. It is ideal for small businesses, freelancers, and other website owners. Is it worth it for your site? Find out the answer with this DreamHost Review.


DreamHost Review – 6 Things You’ll Love & 4 You Won’t in 2020


DreamHost provides 648 ms speed and 99.94 % uptime. This web hosting provides shared, WordPress, cloud, VPS, and dedicated servers hosting services. Its pricing plans begin at $2.59 monthly. It also provides 97 days money-back guarantee.

DreamHost Review

If you have great standards for your web hosting service needs, DreamHost can be a good option. It can offer you with reliable performance at just a wallet-friendly price. If you are conscious to quality and budget, it is the right web hosting en Mexico  service for you.




The following are the reasons why you must choose DreamHost for your web hosting needs.


Reliable Security


DreamHost has an anti-spam feature on its email. In addition, it also provides a free SSL or secure socket layer certificate for additional security. It also provides free domain, unmetered bandwidth, 50GB storage, automated WordPress installation, and automated daily backups.


Good Value for Money


This web service can offer good value for your money with its different plans. It is available with 97 days money-back guarantee and can offer you with reliable performance. If you want quality web hosting without spending more of your budget, DreamHost can be a good choice for you. You can also get a free automated migration plugin that enables you to import your website. It doesn’t have a higher renewal price, so you can save more while getting more features for your site.


Useful Tools


DreamHost is equipped with useful tools to manage your domains, email, SSH, MySQL databases, Cron Jobs, etc. It has a user-friendly interface as well as easy to use.


Uptime Monitoring


It also features uptime monitoring. You can get notifications to keep your clients informed about your website.




  • DreamHost lacks guaranteed CPU resources on its VPS plans
  • Doesn’t provide Windows hosting
  • Additional email cost in the starter plan
  • Non-standard host management panel




WordPress Website Backups


DreamHost offers WordPress website backups. You can have unlimited storage for your file backups, and single-click restores. You can get real-time backups with this hosting provider.


Control Panel


DreamHost has a custom control panel that allows you to manage tasks like WordPress installation, management of domains related to your account, and access tools that allow you to interact with your server databases and space. The good news is its control panel is simple to use and has excellent design for a more convenient experience.


Functional Site Builder


This hosting provider has a functional site builder so that you can have more customization on your web project. With this, you can edit your content, select a template site, and configure your details ( email address, name, social media links, etc.). If you want excellent website management, DreamHost will not disappoint you. It also offers single-click installs of concrete5, Joomla, MediaWiki, phpBB, and Zen Cart.


Customer Support


If you have concerns while using DreamHost hosting service, you can always seek help from their customer support team. They have a live chat, community forum, email, and knowledgebase support. With that, you can have an instant response to your needs.


Excellent Technologies


DreamHost uses excellent technologies to make the best of your experience. It has website caching, which is essential for shared hosting plans. It has a server file manager that allows you to have easy access to files and server space.


DreamHost can give you with WordPress website management. It also comes with mod security for additional security for your website. This feature is available in all plans of the hosting service.




DreamHost is a good web hosting service for your site. However, it also comes with its drawbacks, like lacking allocated CPU resources in VPS hosting. Additionally, it also doesn’t offer an email on its starter shared hosting plan. Despite its disadvantages, DreamHost still have many benefits, so you have the assurance that the time, budget, and effort you invest in it are all worth it. It has useful tools that can help you increase your business’ recognition.


Do you want to improve the speed and performance of your business or personal website? What are you waiting for? Try the features of DreamHost now!